Laure Baudot’s prose is exquisite, patient, and sophisticated.
— Sarah Selecky, author of THIS CAKE IS FOR THE PARTY, shortlisted for the 2010 Giller Prize

I spent the bulk of my childhood feeling like I belonged nowhere. I am the product of an inter-religious (Jewish, Catholic), multi-cultural (French, Canadian) marriage, for one. Also, I have a sister with special needs, which makes me experience the world differently from my friends and question established attitudes, especially toward the vulnerable among us. I was a solitary child, spending my time reading and writing. My first loves were poetry—especially the work of Jacques Prévert, with its musical language—and Chansons Françaises, with their tone of unresolved longing. I also read mysteries and thrillers: Alexandre Dumas, Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie. This diverse influence set the path on which I find myself today: I love a good story, and I love language.

I donate ten percent of my writer’s earnings to charity. To date I have donated to Care Canada and the White Helmets.